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Hello everyone, I’m Alonso López, a 36-year-old content creator, an experienced aquarist, and the heart and soul behind BettaReef’s vibrant community.

As a creator with a deep-rooted passion for fishkeeping, especially betta fish, I’ve found a unique niche. my profession allows me to share my knowledge, experience, case studies and effective betta care strategies, making the world of betta fish treatment accessible and enjoyable for all.

This harmonious blend of skills and passion fuels my website, where education meets fun. I create content that’s not just informative but also captures the beauty and intricacy of betta fish, helping enthusiasts and newcomers alike to dive deeper into this fascinating hobby.

Alonso López
My Journey to South-East Asia
Meet Lulu

Lulu, My First Pet Betta

My passion for bettas began at the tender age of 8 when I received my first pet betta, Lulu, a stunning creature with an iridescent blue hue, as a birthday gift from my beloved uncle. This wasn’t just an aquarium set with a fish, it was the opening chapter of an enduring love story.

Lulu, with his unique personality, wasn’t just a pet, he was my childhood companion, a friend who sparked a lifelong passion. This passion blossomed into a comprehensive adventure.

Over the years, my fascination transformed into expertise. From crafting the perfect habitat to mastering the nuances of betta nutrition and care, each day has been a rewarding learning experience filled with new insights and joys.

My Betta Fish Care Professional Journey

My passion for betta fish care has been defined by significant milestones, each presenting unique challenges and enriching my expertise as both a professional and an avid betta fish enthusiast.

    • Early Experiences: My initial foray into this field involved working at local fish stores, a time during which every day brought new learning opportunities and helped me build a network of connections within the fishkeeping community.

    • Fishkeeping Events and Collaborations: Annually, I eagerly participate in Aquashella, an event that transcends a mere convention, celebrating our collective passion for aquatic life. These events have provided me with opportunities for networking and collaboration, connecting me with prominent figures in the aquatic world and leading to exciting and innovative partnerships.

    • Engagement and Mentorship: As an active member of various fishkeeping clubs, both locally and online, I’ve found a sense of community and camaraderie. These platforms have not only served as forums for sharing insights but have also fostered lasting friendships. In the early stages of my journey, I was fortunate to receive mentorship from some of the industry’s most esteemed betta breeders. Their willingness to share their extensive knowledge and practical experience was invaluable in shaping my approach to betta care.

    • Research Involvement: Regularly reading scientific journals, I’ve stayed at the forefront of understanding betta fish biology and behavior.

    • Contribution to Fishkeeping Literature: Contributing to well-known fishkeeping magazines and digital platforms has been a rewarding aspect of my career. It has enabled me to reach and engage with a global audience, sharing both my knowledge and personal experiences.

    • Hands-On Experience and Product Testing: I have extensively tested a wide range of aquarium products, discerning the best from the rest. This practical approach goes beyond mere evaluation; it’s a commitment to ensuring the highest quality for our aquatic companions. If a product fails to meet expectations, I ensure that my audience is the first to know.

Through these experiences, I’ve not only honed my skills in betta fish care but have also developed a deep understanding and appreciation for this fulfilling pursuit.

Me at Aquashella 2018

BettaReef's Mission 🌊

The answer lies in my desire to kindle the same passion in others. Whether you’re a seasoned betta aficionado or just embarking on your journey, my mission is to arm you with practical advice, heartwarming stories, and all-encompassing guides.

Bettareef.com stands as a lighthouse of unbiased information. Free from sponsorships, my words are my own, uninfluenced and honest, whether praising a product or calling out its flaws.

My partnerships are a reflection of my commitment to you. In this world of betta fish care, I align myself with those I trust, ensuring that when you follow my advice, you’re not just succeeding – you’re thriving in a hobby that we both cherish.

What Will You Find Here:

A Rich Repository of Betta Knowledge!

On Bettareef.com, you’ll explore a wealth of well-researched and expertly curated content:

🐠 Betta Care Guides: Discover effective care strategies to ensure the happiness and well-being of your betta fish.

🐠 Betta Fish Health: Delve into comprehensive insights for maintaining optimal health and vigor in your betta.

🐠 Aquarium Setup: Learn how to create and maintain a vibrant and healthy aquarium environment.

🐠Top Gear for Betta Fish: Find handpicked, tested, and vetted tools and equipment for superior betta care.

🐠 Feeding Habits: Gain knowledge on balanced and nutritious feeding practices for your bettas.

🐠 Betta Playtime: Explore a variety of engaging toys and activities to enrich your betta’s life.

🐠 Live Plants for Betta Tanks:  Learn about the best plant species that are easy to maintain and betta-friendly.

🐠 Compatible Betta Tank Mates: Navigate the complexities of introducing tank mates for your betta. We provide guidance on choosing compatible species that can coexist peacefully with your betta.

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